Wherever the Eagle Flies

Wherever the Eagle Flies

Connor Harding, Editor-in-Chief

The lingering cool of a winter breeze is a constant reminder to the graduating class of 2017 that their time in high school is slowly coming to an end. We may be approaching Christmas, but really, tis’ the season for these bright individuals to decide how and where to pursue their higher education. College applications are hurriedly being mailed with seniors’ high hopes of receiving acceptance letters and sweet, sweet merit scholarships for the schools of their dreams. With all of that anticipation slowly building, this reporter decided to interview some college-bound seniors in order to ask them what they are going to college for, and why they are choosing to enter that field. From monetary incentive to personal  enjoyment, everyone had his or her reason to enter a chosen field.

Senior Jared Adler is an honors student who intends on majoring in Hospitality Management after graduation. When asked why he chose that field, Jared said that: “I deal with the public a lot in my life right now, so I wanted to use my skills and hopefully manage a hotel on the coast some day.”

Senior Maria Zinger is also an honors student who hopes to go to college and earn a law degree once she is out of Hubbard. Her reason behind choosing the legal field is that: “I have always loved politics and the way that the government itself operates.”

Senior Jonathan Feigert is bound and determined to make his way into the mechanical engineering field and follow his passion once his time in high school senior is up.  ” I have always enjoyed the problem solving aspect of math and science, and in mechanical engineering, I can combine that with aspect with the creation of innovative and interesting machines,” stated Feigert.

Senior Celeste Wilbois wishes to pursue her interests in political science after she completes her final semester at HHS. “I am very passionate about politics and working to improve the state of the nation.”

Senior Andrea Riffle doesn’t quite plan on leaving education once she leaves high school, because she plans majoring in either education or counseling. “All throughout my life, I have loved helping people, and I believe that a degree in this major will help me do just that,” she said.

As you can see, there are quite a few interesting paths that Hubbard seniors are taking this year. Diverse and original, each student has readied him or herself for the next step towards success in life after high school. From math and sciences, to business, politics, and education, everyone has his or her goal. But regardless of where they go from here, you can be sure of one thing: Wherever a Hubbard Eagle flies,  it is more than certain that he or she will outshine every other student in their chosen field and leave a lasting effect on their college of choice.