Conspiracy Theories Part Two: The Pentagon UFO Video-Is it ET or the Military?

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Conspiracy Theories Part Two: The Pentagon UFO Video-Is it ET or the Military?

Max Korenyi-Both, Junior Staff Writer

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On December 28th, 2017, the media reported  the  release of a video by the U.S. government that appeared  to be a UFO, recorded by the gunner camera on a military aircraft. The reports claimed the video was deliberately released for public viewing by the highest level of the Pentagon. Many Americans believed that the U.S was on the brink of revealing the truth about aliens and their connection to Earth. But, did the Pentagon really release this video? Or is this just another incident that the news outlets took too far?  

According to online sources, alien activists and UFO believers are celebrating the idea that the government is finally revealing the truth because they believe that, conspiratorially, the government has been hiding the truth for too long.  In addition to this new evidence,  these same groups claim that the Pentagon released documents providing proof that they funded a multi-million dollar alien hunt project in 2007, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme (AATIP), that  ended in 2012. The U.S government, however, has maintained  that they stopped their UFO research in 1969.

This multi-million dollar program (AATIP) was run by a former intelligence officer, Luis Elizondo, who resigned in October. He was a  22-year veteran of the Department of Defense with top security clearance.  According to sources, Elizondo claims that the AATIP is still ongoing, and that he was replaced by a successor. He claims that only funding ended in 2012, but research continued with the CIA and the Navy. This UFO video mentioned above was released in December 2017 by Luis Elizondo, two months after he resigned from his government position.   Once resigned, he became a key figure in a crowd-funded UFO research group set up by former Blink 182 singer, Tom DeLonge, called “To The Stars Academy”. To The Stars Academy is an organization that believes the government is conspiring to hide the truth about aliens. The video was released by Luis Elizondo as part of the To The Stars Academy’s effort to reveal the “truth”.  Elizondo claims he was pushing for the Pentagon to release these videos to the public as a safety precaution to prepare pilots in the case of an UFO encounter.  What Americans need to know is that most of what Elizondo says are simple claims that have not been proven to be true by other sources like the Pentagon or any other government agencies.

When this video was released, headlines were very misleading with titles such as “Pentagon Finally Tells Public Aliens Exist”.  When this reporter interviewed Social Studies teacher Mr. Richard Perline concerning his opinion on news sources releasing this video, Perline replied, “I base all my extraterrestrial experiences on the X-files.”  Perline was responding humorously, but there was an element of truth to this statement, as many Americans viewed this past television series as a realistic representation of the secrecy of government agencies.  The honest interpretation of this conspiracy theory about the UFO video is that a former employee in the Pentagon released this video as “proof,” and the media took it further than what evidence provided.  No one knows if this video is real because the Pentagon denies that the video was recorded by any military camera. The majority of the public has stopped trusting the government, however, and the Pentagon as an extension of that government, so Americans really don’t know what to believe anymore.

Still, there are many aspects  that back up what Elizondo claims, according to other online sources. In 2012 before the shutdown of AATIP, the agency produced documents that described sightings of aircrafts or objects traveling at high speeds with no clear sign of propulsion. Elizondo speaks on this  hypersonic velocity without a sonic boom, and he mentions speeds of 7,000 to 8,000mph. The documents claim that the speeds recorded have never been reached by any existing aircraft. Contrastingly, consider the fact that aircrafts are often being tested by the military unbeknownst to civilians because they are top secret projects. According to sources, the fastest manned plane known to the American public is the X-15, which reaches a top speed of about 4,500 mph. The X-15 was built 1959, which means the U.S. military has had close to 60 years to build a faster plane.  Perhaps then the extreme speeds listed above can be explained today, should that knowledge be public. A Social Studies teacher here at HHS confirms this idea that top secret military planes may be mistaken for UFOs. As Mr. Tom King explains: “For one, I will never believe in aliens until I see one land on this earth. Second, the UFO’s that people believe are aliens are highly likely to be military aircrafts that the public doesn’t know about. The government wants to keep these things hidden from the knowledge of foreign countries. Also, the defense budget is insanely high, so there’s no way the military doesn’t have some sweet aircrafts.”

So the question that must be asked is whether or not this video release is just another false claim taken too far or if the government is still trying to keep alien visitation a secret?  “The universe is too large for there not to be other life, but I don’t think any other life form is visiting Earth,” exclaims Mrs. Jessie Jones-Canter, Math teacher at Hubbard High. Others would argue against her view. Perhaps this article has broadened your awareness of just another one of those conspiracy theories floating around out there, and for many, that’s answer enough.




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