Honors, CCP, AP: Which Choice is Right for You?

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Great Jewish Books SUmmer Program 2014

Mallory Greenamyer, Sophomore Staff Writer

In high school, students face a challenging decision when it comes to choosing what classes they should take the following school year. Whether it be Honors, CCP (college credit plus), AP, or just regular courses, students must decide what is best for them. There is a lot of pressure to make the right choice, and online sites like insidehighered.com report that “a record 1.17 million students in the high school Class of 2017 took at least one Advanced Placement course. That’s up from 1.14 million in one year and far more dramatically over a decade.”  Since this is evidence of a continuing trend, a student today must ask him/herself which choice is right for me?

At Hubbard, there are many types of classes available for students to take. Some are less challenging, while others demand more determination and responsibility from the students. So, how do you decide whether to take CCP, AP or Honors? Well, there are many differences between the two. “CCP classes are different than honors classes in that much of the work is online,” says Cassie Herberger, an 11th grader who has taken both CCP and Honors. “So the internet and your email becomes your best friend.” Another difference between the two types of classes is the difficulty of each. CCP courses are designed to move at a college pace, while honors courses move along just like any other high school class.

Mr. Ross Stoffer, a social studies teacher at Hubbard High School, has had much experience teaching a variety of classes, from regular courses all the way to CCP. When asked the question: When taking CCP classes, what qualities in a person make for a successful student? He responded by saying, “College is less forgiving when it comes to turning in your work, so a student thinking about taking CCP classes should definitely be responsible and organized. Students should also be able to work on their own because all of the assignments are done individually.” Talking to your teachers and parents about what you should take is also another good idea. They have a good understanding of what type of student you are and if you are ready for the challenge.

The bottom line is, it’s good to know what type of student you are before choosing your classes. Both types of courses have their pros and cons. However, it’s up to you to decide what is best. So, what are you choosing?


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