What’s Your Sign? Intro to Astrology Series

Skylar Sakoni, Senior Staff Writer

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“What’s your sign?” I have always been the type of person to ask others around me this simple question. The idea of an outside influence having so much effect on someone’s personality has always been appealing to me. However, not everyone knows the power of this three-word interrogation.

Astrology is the study of how cosmic beings, such as stars and planets, affect humans. This means that genetic makeup and environmental factors are not the only elements that shape an individual person; the position of the galaxy around one also changes who he or she is. Sources say that while it is a study, astrology is better described as a metaphysical discipline than a science. When determining one’s astrological makeup, an astrologer must read one’s natal chart. A natal chart takes into account the position of cosmic objects, like stars, the sun, the moon, and planets, on the night that someone was born, and translates that into signs and houses. All of the different signs in varying galactic masses come together to produce a unique combination of traits, which is said to be part of what shapes each person into  who he or she is.

When someone gives a quick answer to the question “What’s your sign?,” he or she is typically giving a Sun sign. The Sun sign reflects where the sun is positioned when someone is born. This sign is the easiest to calculate; it simply goes by periods of birth dates throughout the year. It is typically the most recognizable sign to peers because it characterizes a person’s individuality. Sun signs give an overall view of someone’s personality.

There are many stereotypes of the Sun signs with which students at Hubbard may or may not agree. For example, senior Hannah Roose believes that she is the epitome of an Aquarius. “I think my personality matches the usual Aquarius, especially because they’re said to be independent and temperamental,” says Roose. Another senior, Bayley Shaffer, agrees that her Sun sign matches her well. “Sagittarius is a good representation of me,” she says, “because they are said to like being outdoors, to love change, and to be generous, though they get very impatient with things.”

What aspects of your Sun sign agree with you?  In my next article, I will discuss more about the other types of signs that combine to create one’s individuality, and delve more deeply into the twelve signs of the Zodiac. For now, look into your Sun sign; you may discover something about yourself that you’ve never noticed before!






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