Lukas Mosora and Davion Daniels: Captains who Excel on and off the Field


Max Korenyi-Both, Assistant Editor

Lukas Mosora and Davion Daniels are names heard quite often around Hubbard and throughout the Trumbull County district. These two extraordinary young men were two of the most well-known stars of the Hubbard football team, but they are also great community leaders and big role models to a lot of young kids.

Mosora and Daniels both grew up in this area and spent the majority of their younger years Hubbard, playing football together. These two developed an unbreakable bond over the years, and it has shown on the field and in the community as well. Both are students who will be graduating with high honors,  are members of NHS, community volunteers, and role models for those who will follow in their footsteps.

Davion was the starting QB and also a starting safety. Daniels threw for over 2,000 passing yards in his career, with over 30 touchdowns, and also ran for over 2,000 rushing yards with 43 touchdowns. These stats set Daniels among the greatest to ever play for Hubbard High School. Numbers like these are something one doesn’t see too often in high school football. Davion Daniels was the offensive leader for the Eagles, but he isn’t stopping there. Daniels will continue his football and academic career at Bowling Green State University.

Lukas Mosora was a defensive star. Lukas was the starting middle linebacker where he ran the defense. Mosora set a school record his senior year, with 147 solo tackles, and broke another school record with 27 tackles in one game. Mosora seemed unstoppable on the defensive side of the ball,  but he also contributed to the offense. He added a total of 15 touchdowns throughout his career as he became an offensive weapon for the Eagles later on in the season.

Both of these student athletes love what they do and have been nothing but  humble along the way. When this reporter asked both Daniels and Mosora why they play football, Daniels responded with: “I play football because it helps me understand life better.  For instance, when you’re failing, you always have to get back up and do your best to stay on track and succeed…being with my family and brothers is like no other.” Mosora added:  “Football helps me to cope with all kinds of problems; it helps me to get my mind off of things and escape reality in a sense. I just have always have had a passion for the game.” These two grew up together as best friends and their love for the game was demonstrated this season and others, but their bond has been even greater.

Mosora and Daniels didn’t have an easy journey making it to where they are now as athletes and students. Both players spent endless hours on the practice field, in the weight room, and let’s not forget keeping their honors grades throughout school.  This reporter asked Lukas Mosora what the hardest challenge he faced was: “The biggest challenge I’ve faced is battling through adversity and trying to consistently be a good leader.” This quote shows Mosora’s love and heart for this game and his community. Daniels also faced a huge challenge in his career.  “The hardest challenge I’ve ever faced was being injured with a torn ligament and fractured shoulder and still finishing out my senior season playing five more games to try and help my team win even though I was in lots of pain! I was determined to win,” says Davion Daniels. Both of these students athletes continue to demonstrate their dedication, ambition and discipline on and off the field.

Throughout the years, these two have grown up very close to each other and have created some memories that cement their bond.  Davion said that he has many memories of football, but one that he recalls in particular: “The greatest memory I have is when I was a sophomore and we were down by 2 touchdowns against Niles at the half, and I got my chance to prove myself and scored three touchdowns rushing and passings combined; we ended up winning by 2 touchdowns!” Mosora also added his greatest memory as a football player: “The greatest memory I have is my very first tackle against Lakeview my freshman year on  kickoff.” These memories show the hard work that these players have put in to distinguish themselves as some of the greatest athletes to play on Eagles turf. They faced many challenges along the way, but have made endless memories throughout their journey.

Mosora and Daniels have had a lot of support along the way. The community has always stood behind these two players, and they are grateful to be given that support and the opportunity to make their supporters proud. Lukas Mosora commented, “Having a great coaching staff and teammates throughout my entire career who have continuously developed my love for the game forms my support base.” When asked who has helped him the most along the way, Daniels added: “God has helped me the most along the way.  Before every game I not only prayed for the win, but I prayed for everyone on my team to remain safe. Even though I was injured, I hoped God would prevent anybody else from getting injured, and I also prayed for my Hubbard support community. My prayers were answered and all of my loved ones are safe!”  Both Mosora and Daniels feel that they wouldn’t be here today without the support that they have had.

The leadership and empathetic skills that these two student athletes have demonstrated both this season and others is not something one sees often.  Daniels and Mosora have shown the community of Hubbard what working hard and striving for your goals can get you. They both continue to be great role models for those who look up to them. Davion Daniels and Lukas Mosora both have bright futures ahead, and they will continue to prosper together creating memories along the way. These two are not only exceptional team leaders and captains, but also wonderful  human beings and intelligent students.

We wish them the best as they move into the future.