Air in Your Ear, You Say?

Air in Your Ear, You Say?

Andrew Frank, Sophomore Staff Writer

On September 7, 2016, the Apple Company introduced their first ever pair of wireless headphones, which they called, “Airpods.” When first announced, the product faced heavy criticism for their hefty $160 price tag, when the original apple earbuds with wires cost only $30. Big difference, no? Absolutely; however, Airpods cost a lot more than other wireless headphones due to the quality of the earbuds themselves, and the satisfaction rates they have received. In an online recent study, 942 people were surveyed, with 98% of them stating that they were satisfied with their purchase; 82% percent of those said they were, “very satisfied” with their purchase. According to most reviews, along with the quality of the listening device itself is the battery which “promises an hour more of talking time, thanks to a more-efficient processor.”  Check out this youtube video which highlights some of the other positives: AirPods Review

Still, if they were released over two years ago, and they are receiving positive feedbacks, then why have they been in the mainstream media so much recently? The answer to that is: internet memes, yes the funny images, videos, gifs that all know and love. During late 2018, jokes poking fun at the wireless headphones and those who wear them started popping up on social media sites such as twitter and reddit. The main context of the jokes was about how some people who have and wear airpods flaunt the possession of these to others who either can’t afford or don’t have them; these non-owners are labeled as “broke”, in a somewhat twisted, humorous sense.

In 2019, the jokes took over social media. Throughout the entire month of January, people’s instagram, twitter, and reddit accounts were filled with jokes about airpods all over their live feed. Some people even dedicated full pages just for jokes about airpods and their users. As a result of the airpod social media takeover, Apple actually experienced an increase in sales in many of their locations, sources say. They were so popular at one point, that many stores that sold the earbuds were out of stock for a short period of time. These airpod memes continue to filter across the internet, but like all internet jokes, in a few months, weeks, or even days, the craze will die out and nobody will talk about them again.

However, the product itself is a keeper, and should be one of the top Apple purchases as Air Pods 2 are soon to be introduced. The Good in a nutshell, according to David Carnoy’s online review: “The ultra-lightweight Apple AirPods are fully wireless headphones that offer a reliable wireless connection, effortless pairing with Apple devices, decent sonics and good call quality. The included compact charging case quickly charges the buds. You can now control playback of your music with a double tap.”

So whether you’re attracted to the purchase because of the memes, the expense status of the product, or the reliability of the Apple name, you will undoubtedly be pleased with your Airpods.