Twists, Laughs, Jingles and Heart Throbs: What Makes a Good Commercial?


Anthony Corrin, Senior Staff Writer

Everyone has seen commercials. Some are captivating and entertaining–many of those which run on SuperBowl Sunday, for instance, but some are just plain terrible and offer the perfect opportunity for one to head to the kitchen for a snack. So, what actually characterizes a good commercial? This reporter asked fellow classmate Nicky VanSuch what he thought, and he said, “A really memorable commercial has to be epic and filled with vivid details.” Using this comment as a starting point, this reporter did a little research on what truly makes a commercial memorable.

According to an article on, the biggest aspect that makes a commercial good and entertaining is humor. People love to laugh. Commercials are memorable when the viewer finds him/herself calling someone after watching it and relating the commercial details. But companies have to be careful and make sure the punchline doesn’t overpower the product they are trying to sell. Someone may remember the hilarious commercial, but they have no idea what was being advertised. Consider this youtube video which highlights some funny famous and entertaining commercials, and see if you can always determine just what’s being advertised: Funniest Commercials

Another way to make a memorable commercial is to pull on people’s heartstrings. Creating a commercial that tugs at the of the heart of the audience will always make them remember it. Some commercials make the audience sit there and utter “Wow” after watching.  Other unique commercials grab their audiences with a twist. Consider these 2019 Super Bowl Commercials that definitely featured twists and surprises: 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

How many people remember a jingle to a commercial? Jingles and sayings are the next biggest thing to make someone remember the commercial.  Everybody sings along when they hear “Nationwide is on your side,” especially when Peyton Manning is featured, along with Brad Paisley of course. These “jingle” sessions have significantly benefited Nationwide.  In fact, an online article in biz journals states: “From a paid-media perspective, it’s one of our single most effective ads ever,…From a social-media perspective, ‘Jingle’ is by far the most talked about ads in the history of Nationwide.” Peyton and Nationwide Jingle

Everybody also recognizes ad characters like Flo from Progressive. This company  created a comedic insurance pusher whom everyone likes, particularly when she plays different parts in her family commercials. Even if one doesn’t remember the name of the company, all he or she has to do is google “Flo,” and Progressive Insurance pops up.

So what makes a good commercial? I think we have the answer: humor, twists, jingles, and heart-tugs are the strongest aspects that will make a commercial both memorable and entertaining. The script doesn’t even have to be stellar. It just needs to be something people will remember so they will, in turn, remember to purchase the product.