“You Can Fry an Egg on that Wall”: Hotly Debated Illegal Immigration


Sophia Kimmel, Junior Staff Writer

“As far as the wall is concerned, we’re going to build a wall. We’re going to create a border. We’re going to let people in, but they’re going to come in legally,” Donald Trump said in the Republican Presidential Debate of 2016. Although it seemed like many were against this idea at the time, President Trump kept his word. As of August 2019, sources state, the Trump administration’s barrier team has been limited to replacing sections of the wall that were in need of repair, with 60 miles of replacement wall built in the southwest since 2017. It is expected that about 450 miles of the wall to be completed by the end of 2020, which will cost a total of $18.4 billion. This has caused an ongoing debate: Is the best defense againt terrorism and illegal immigration a wall along our southern border? 

Illegal immigration has been a problem in America for decades. It is a threat to our national security, as well as wages and public finances. About 90% of illegal entrants come from Mexico through our southern border, according to FBI statistics. The main concerns about those who enter our nation illegally include drugs and human trafficking. Sadly, this is a problem that may hit a little closer to home than one would prefer. Ohio is among the top 10 states for human trafficking cases. It could happen to anyone, and with Hubbard being known for truck stops where trafficking can and has occurred, locals should be on high alert when alone or driving around at night. The Mexican border has cash and weapons flowing south, while drugs and human smuggling are flowing north. With Trump’s wall still being put into place, citizens can only hope it makes a difference in the rising issue of these illegal immigrants.

When asked about the wall and its success in years to come, junior Katie Stinson said:  “I believe the wall is unnecessary and expensive. A border has been standing for years and migrants have still been able to enter the country. I think the money used to build the wall could be used to hire more people to guard the border, giving Americans jobs.” On the contrary, junior Isaac Powell commented: “The wall along our southern border is vital to have, especially with such a broken immigration system that is in effect in this country. I believe the wall will definitely prove to be successful as long as it is built to stay true to its original intent. Having this barrier will stop illegal aliens and hopefully direct them towards coming to this great country the correct and legal way.” 

In conclusion, the wall along our southern border will continue to be a hotly contested topic. It’s one both students and adults alike need to consider.  If the wall proves to be successful, it will secure our borders while allowing legal entry of immigrants to remain. However, it could also turn out to be a wasted project, as it could cause bigger problems down the road; with illegal immigrants finding ways around this system. Only time will tell how this ongoing issue will be resolved.