The Terrible Effects of Tech

The Terrible Effects of Tech

Alexis Napolitan, Junior Staff Writer

Are people today too dependent on technology? Most would automatically reply yes, then do nothing to correct that dependence. The range of technology users runs from someone as young as a toddler all the way to a grown adult. It  can transition from being used for child entertainment, to being used for educational purposes, like a research project. However, using technology too much in ways that don’t benefit a person can cause serious mental, emotional and cognitive issues. 

 Everyone uses some type of technology during his or her everyday life, whether it is entertainment, communication, work, education, etc. Some use technology throughout the day more than others. Usage usually depends on generational or employment issues. Most obviously, the younger generation is usually the group targeted as being too dependent on tech. Since they grew up with it, it’s as if  they don’t know how to live without it. 

Social media is a major aspect as to why people are so dependent on technology. Junior, Sierra Roy says, “I think we are way too dependent on technology. Everyone my age, including myself, is addicted to social media.” A lot of people, especially teens, use social media as a way to escape reality and idealize. The posts seen on social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. make people appear to have the perfect life. In reality, this imagined world isn’t accurate–or it’s exaggerated, but people use social media as a way to compare themselves, especially with social status. For example, if one person posts a picture, and their friend posts the same picture, one person may get more likes than the other. This disparity can cause significant self-esteem issues. According to an online source: People use social media as a way to get attention from others. Those who are not getting as many likes as others, are seen as less popular and less appealing to the rest of the world.” This reassurance from likes or comments presents a false reality and can have many harmful effects.  

Technology can also distract teens from their education. Many students use technology for educational purposes. However, this usage may start out as educational, but a lot of students tend to end up on social media, playing a game, or jumping to another app that isn’t school-related. This shift in focus causes distraction for students when work needs to be done, and again, overdependence is the issue. Freshman, Mylie Vaughn says, “A lot of people are way too dependent on technology, to the point where they aren’t learning to the best of their ability. 

This could be because they are looking up the answers to their homework, or even struggling to put down their device when doing schoolwork. In some ways technology is making us dumber by tricking us into believing things that aren’t as true as well as affecting our work ethic when it comes to school.” 

Studies prove that the dependence on technology can really affect student learning, According to Child Mind Institute,“There is evidence that multitasking — using social media, texting, watching tv while doing homework — undermines cognitive functioning and decreases learning.” So rather than consider multitasking a positive event, students need to consider it’s negative impact. 

Additionally, another negative is that many students have lost their interest in books due to their dependence on technology.  Plus attention spans have shortened, so often students can take reading in only small segments.  Junior, Jake Hettrick says, “As a nation people have become too dependent on technology. I believe this is because many would not have a way of life. It has replaced book research or instruction manuals; it has replaced literature. Still, it is necessary in many cases. Some examples are getting in touch with family, becoming educated, completing work responsibilities and many more crucial everyday things.” 

When people use technology too much, mental health issues can occur. A lot of people suffer from addiction, depression, or anxiety based on technology accessed either through their phone or other sources. According to the Child Mind Institute, “There is ample evidence that intense social media use is correlated with an increase in anxiety and depression as teenagers, especially girls, compare themselves unfavorably to their peers and worry about missing out.” The fact that people’s mental health is being affected because of technology is a huge sign that people are too dependent on it. Consider the negatives like cyberbullying that have grown out of this. 

Overall, technology can be very helpful in today’s world, but people cannot rely on it as much as they do. There are so many more important aspects in life. To overcome this dependence on technology, people can start by limiting the time they spend on their phone each and every day. Think of all the new hobbies, endeavors or accomplishments people could achieve without a phone attached.