“O Brave New World”: Five Dangers Of Too Much Tech


Samuel Esposito, Senior Staff Writer

Technology has been rapidly advancing for over 100 years. These advancements have been largely helpful. Hospitals assist more people with advanced medical technology; smartphones have made everyone’s life more convenient, and astronauts can explore further and further into space each year. These are all huge benefits of advanced technology, and these benefits will only get better as time goes on, right?  Possibly not. Consider the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk’s warning concerning AI intelligence as stated in an online article. “Elon Musk considers AI as the scariest problem. He has regularly cautioned that AI will rapidly become as clever as humans and once it does, humankind’s existence will be at stake.

Consider then, is ever-advancing technology a blessing or could it be America’s downfall? Here are five of the many dangers of too much technology. 

  1. Machines are continuing to advance and become a bigger part of daily lives. Most machines are made to make lives easier; they accomplish this goal but with some side effects. For example, self-checkout machines in stores allow shoppers to checkout and pay quicker, but they replace the cashiers that used to do that same job. Soon, fast food places may be doing the same thing, and counter workers will be a thing of the past.
  2. Obesity has been linked to technology in the sense that people (especially children) don’t go outside for physical activity.. “According to the CDC, 18.5% of America’s youth is now considered obese, compared to just 5% a few decades earlier.” Obesity at a young age is leading to serious disease in today’s youth like diabetes and heart complications.
  3. Noelle Trobek, a senior at Hubbard comments: “ Looking at a screen for too long can cause the blue light that is produced by the screen to negatively affect vision.” The more screens there are in the world, the worse this eye strain would get. Eye strain can also lead to headaches and long-term eye damage. Looking at phones right before sleeping can not only make it harder to fall asleep, but also decreases the quality of that sleep.
  4. Mia King, a freshman at Hubbard says: “Too much technology could cause people to be antisocial. This would cause them to have a hard time talking to people in person.” If the content on a person’s phone is more entertaining than talking to a person in real life or if it is easier to text than to talk in person, it’s obvious that something is wrong. No one would question whether or not this behavior is considered antisocial.
  5. Social media (especially TikTok) can greatly reduce attention span. TikTok is an app that shows endless short videos that are formulated to the person’s interest. Since the videos are usually of interest to the person watching,  it creates a dopamine boost. After a while, the brain gets used to getting dopamine boosts every 15 to 30 seconds when a new video pops up, so it takes longer, more time-consuming activities to create the same effect, explains and online source.

Therefore, absolutely, technology has many benefits, but many other dangers to go along with dependence on tech. The more reliant a society becomes on technology, the more workers will be laid off, the heavier and less active people will become, human eyesight, attention spans  and sleep will worsen as will social and emotional skills.  Ever advancing technology will get to a point where it hurts people  more than it helps, and the future  might very well look like those presented in Terminator or the Matrix