Weapons of War


Daniel Scarmack, Sophomore Staff Writer

By this point, everyone has heard about the war in Ukraine. In case you haven’t, a summary is as follows: Russia Invaded Ukraine under the guise of denazification. Although everyone wants to talk about politics, the weaponry and the systems of defense and attack are much more interesting than they seem at first glance. Since this is the first major conflict that has caused worldwide effects since World War Two,  the changes in weaponry are significant. Let’s take a closer look into weaponry and how it’s being used. 

To break this down, the first thing that will be discussed is a combination of bombs and missiles. First, the bombs and missiles Russia is using in their invasion are Phosphorous Bombs, Kinzhal Missiles, 9K720 Iskander ballistic missile, “Vacuum” bombs, and Cluster bombs. Most of which are dropped or launched from planes and helicopters. The ones that stand out the most are Cluster Bombs as they are meant for one purpose, to kill or seriously injure as many civilians as possible. How do they work? The main casing is launched from a plane, and once it is over its designated area, it rapidly disperses an entourage of smaller bombs that aren’t designated for any one location; these bombs scatter and land over a large area causing mass destruction. Although they are outlawed by a national treaty, Russia is not a signatory to it. When Caroline Capuzello (10) was asked how she felt about Russia using these bombs on civilian targets she answered by saying, “War is a terrible thing when only thinking about the number of soldiers who are killed or injured, but when civilians are involved and targeted, it elevates the conflict to a whole new level. They shouldn’t be allowed to kill innocent people and something should be done to stop this.” Vacuum bombs are equally dangerous as they are incredibly powerful and cause significant damage in a much more centralized location. 

Next, the missiles that are being used by Ukraine to defend and combat Russia are javelin missiles, Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW), and Stinger Surface-to-Air Missiles. The most critical, the Javelin Missiles, with the vast majority being supplied by America, are one of the main reasons Ukraine has been able to defend itself for as long as it has.  When asked how she felt about America sending so many missiles to Ukraine, Evan Flynn (10) answered by saying, “I feel as though sending missiles to Ukraine is the right thing to do, but it scares me a little bit thinking of the consequences.” These missiles are crucial to Ukraine’s defensive attack, part of a class of missiles that use the “fire and forget” system. Designed to be launched and then require no more attention, these missiles allow for more efficient launching and save lives because, after the missile is launched, soldiers can immediately return to cover; without them Ukraine stands little to no chance of resistance. The stinger Surface-to-Air Missiles are also incredibly important as they are the main reason that Ukraine still has air superiority. 

Even with Ukraine’s amazing resistance to Russia’s advances, the differences in technology is frightening, Ukraine is heavily lacking in long-range missiles while Russia has a seemingly endless amount. While Russia will be charged with several war crimes for their usage of these weapons on civilians, they are still doing the damage for now and will continue to kill thousands of people.