The Teacher Feature: Taryn Courtney

The Teacher Feature: Taryn Courtney

Scout Nicholson, Sophomore Staff Writer

This year Hubbard High School has welcomed a new staff member to the English department. Mrs. Courtney took the place of Mrs. Shattuck, a former Hubbard English teacher. Mrs. Courtney has begun her first full year of teaching at Hubbard after getting her English degree at YSU. She began college at YSU studying political science with a pre-law major, but she soon realized that this was not a good fit for her. Upon this realization, she quickly switched to an English major, and decided to focus on teaching. When asked why Hubbard was her first choice she stated, “What drew me to Hubbard was how close the community was and how supportive everyone was of each other.” Mrs. Courtney attended Canfield High School in Canfield, Ohio. Since a young age and throughout her high school career, Mrs. Courtney has been captivated by literature; this still stays true to her today. “English was the one common thread throughout my whole life. As I went into high school I discovered English as my niche and that still applies to my life today,” said Mrs. Courtney.


Q: “How do you like to spend your free time?”


A: “I enjoy watching bad reality TV shows. I know it’s strange but it helps me turn my brain off. I’m also extremely close with my siblings so I love spending quality time with them.”


Q: “Why did you choose to go into teaching?”


A: “During that time I was coaching students in speech and debate. Seeing those kids every day and watching them grow as humans truly fulfilled me as their teacher and role model. That’s when I knew that teaching was the best role for me.” 


Q: “What are your goals for this year and how would you like to impact your students?”


A: “What’s important to me is that the people that I send out into the world are good people more than anything else. I want to help them learn that you need to live your life in a way that both you and other people can be proud of. That’s the main thing that I’m trying to get across.” 


“Mrs. Courtney is an amazing teacher who genuinely cares for her students,” states Miles Harvey, a sophomore at Hubbard High School. Mrs. Courtney is a breath of fresh air after the stressful year Hubbard has faced. She is a positive addition to the staff at Hubbard Schools and the students and administration are delighted to welcome her into our community. She hopes to make a positive impact at Hubbard this year.