Brittany Wenner: Behind Closed Doors

Effie Starheim

Survivor of foster-care abuse Brittany Wenner gave an inspiring speech at YSU Press Day.

David Vavrinak, Editor in Chief

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Brittany Wenner wasn’t always the vibrant and happy soul she appeared to be today. Brittany is a 19 year old journalism major at YSU, and she works at the Smith Hall Avenue News Outlet. She is “fortunate to be here, but [she] has not always been so fortunate.” At a young age, she suffered much distraught after her parents got divorced. After the divorce, she and her sisters were taken from her mother’s custody, and Brittany had been established into many foster homes. In response to the unforeseen divorce, she and two of her sisters seemed to drift away from each other. Luckily, however, her bond with her third sister, Samantha, was never severed.
Samantha is currently a senior at Howland High School, and she has intentions of attending YSU with Brittany. According to Brittany, she and Samantha are “best friends,” and both of them cannot forget the misfortune of living in and out of foster homes. When asked about the atrocities that occur in the Foster Care system, Brittany responded, “I was on medication… and, what happened was, my foster mom dumped all of my anti-depressant pills down the drain right in front me. [Foster parents] abuse you, they neglect you… and they’d make me clean their house with a toothbrush. I starved for 3 weeks because I wasn’t eligible to eat; I didn’t do the chores the way they wanted me to.”
Despite these barbarities, Brittany claims that these catastrophes made her a stronger person. When asked if she would consider adopting, she said: “Not only would I adopt a foster child, but I would also be a foster parent. If they get one good home, I want to be it.” Brittany Wenner is a remarkable human being, and she has pushed herself through events that not every human being could endure. Sometimes, the saddest of people shine the brightest.