The Secret Possibilities of Dunkin

Mikaley Chufo, Senior Staff Writer

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Have you ever tried more than one flavor at a time at Dunkin Donuts? Have you ever asked for whipped cream on your iced coffee? Did you know that you can get peanut butter or jam for your bakery items? Did you know that you can add extra meat and cheese to any sandwich? Did you know that Dunkin has Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Ancho sauce that can be put on any food item? The many possibilities at Dunkin are almost endless, yet they remain unknown to most consumers. When a group of 35 students at HHS were polled, 80% of these juniors and seniors said that they had never tried more than one flavor in their coffee/tea at the same time. Well classmates, this reporter is here to tell you that the possibilities are endless.

I have worked at Dunkin Donuts for almost a year and still I haven’t tried all of the flavor combinations that are available. Dunkin has, “Over 25,000 delicious possibilities.” Many of the most popular flavor combinations are: blueberry and raspberry; mocha and s’mores; mocha and pumpkin; caramel and mocha; vanilla bean and caramel; and lastly french vanilla and hazelnut. The only problem is that most people do not know that these are available options. Another hidden offering that consumers don’t normally know about is the fact that whipped cream, flavorings, lemons, whipped cream drizzle, sugar, cream, and honey are all free with the purchase of a beverage. This means consumers can get as little or as much of these items as he or she wants.

When asked what they think of when they hear the word Dunkin, many students had a very similar response. Senior Brigid Burdette said, “Last time I was at Dunkin, I was so tired that I handed the lady my lanyard instead of my money.” Freshman Ryan Laird commented, “I don’t think this is an accomplishment but one time I ate ten donuts.” Senior Peter Pizanias joked about, “that awkward moment when you accidentally say Venti in a Dunkin Donuts drive thru.” No matter what type of coffee one gets or how many donuts one eats, Dunkin is a place to express individuality and to try new things.