Daniella Hosack


Daniella Hosack, Senior Staff Writer

  • Starting her senior year at Hubbard High School, Daniella Hosack is a first-year member of the HUB staff.  She looks forward to contributing to the HUB this year as she is fond of writing and reading. Bearing a love and interest for the arts and current events, she is determined to spread knowledge of these interests for the purpose of educating the public. 
  • Being a highly involved member of the Hubbard community, Daniella Hosack participates in many clubs.  She will currently be a four-year member of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Ecology and Spanish Clubs.  In addition, she will be a third-year member of Art Club, a first-year member of National Arts Honors Society (NAHS), and a second-year member of National Honors Society (NHS).  With a passion for music, Daniella Hosack is a four-year member of the Hubbard Marching Band. She volunteers regularly at Saint Patrick Church and is a member of the Saint Patrick Youth group (SPY).
  • Attending a strong academic university is a dream of Daniella Hosack.  She has an interest in Youngstown State University, but has not made a commitment to any college yet.  She is exploring her options when it comes to choosing a major as she wants to make the correct decision.  Once she graduates, she wishes to obtain a career that she enjoys whether she has to further her education or not.  As a first-year writer on the HUB staff, Daniella hopes to inspire students that is never too late to join the HUB staff.