Bethany Baker: Sophomore Staff Writer


Bethany Baker, Sophomore Staff Writer

  • Bethany Baker is a sophomore beginning her first year as a HUB staff member.  Her love of writing led her to join the HUB, and she is excited to be writing as a sophomore staff member.  She hopes to contribute to her high school by reporting on exciting topics and new events.  
  • Bethany is involved in multiple student clubs, including  the French Club and Drama Clubs and Mock Trial.  She also plays soccer and is a member of the high school marching band. Other than her love for writing, Bethany enjoys playing piano, flute, and singing. 
  • Bethany has high expectations entering her sophomore year.  She hopes to maintain her high grades, and hopes to go to college in Scotland.  After college, she hopes to become a writer. She mainly enjoys reading fiction.  She hopes that you enjoy reading her articles.